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C'est comme des vacances à la maison... J'aime beaucoup vos émissions je me sent en vacance quand je les écoute dans mon atelier. (Sophie, 17/03/2010)

Enfin! Good to have you back Angus! I wish you many many listeners! (Philippe Georgiades, 23/03/2010)

Homegrown Island Beats Hey Angus, Great shows! I've been listening to them over and over while working from home. Makes me long for the Islands mon! Some friends of mine in Ottawa are making some great beats - I sent George a copy of some of their older dub plates as he was begging me to make him a copy but I couldn't burn it while I was there. Here's a link to their YouTube site where you can hear some of their latest work; All the best, and I'm looking forward to the next show! David (David, 26/03/2010)

Dig the pics! Looking forward to the tunes! Angus, the pics scrolling by look just like ones I have in an album, that bring back fond memories. Looking forward to listening! Ron (Ron Watt (aka. Mr. Seb), 26/03/2010)

love this ! Congratulations ! This is gold! Keep it up!!! I'll be listening!! (Lee-Ann Matthews, 27/03/2010)

If your show was a record, I would hear the songs on the other side :) I've listened to all your shows, over and over so much, that if it was on an old-time vinyl record, I think I would hear the songs on the other side :) Keep the good work Angus !!! (Louis, 27/03/2010)

Yay Angus So Happy to be able to listen to your podcasts! very cool! (Cati VanVeen, 06/04/2010)

Staying warm This site was recommended to us by someone we admire. Hope his stars line up soon. Best alain (Alain and Louise, 26/01/2011)

So happy to have found you! I was an avid listener of Rhythms International for over 18 years. I cannot believe it's spirit continues. keep up the great work! (Lisa, 12/02/2011)

Congrats Hiya Angus, congrats on 50 chapters! May there be another 500 to come.... Bob really IS the greatest, hey? Bruno (, 14/05/2011)

Hello Angus ! Hi Angus ! It was a great pleasure meeting you today at Prestige Hyundai. Congratulations on your new car ! It's nice to see that you are still the unpretentious person you were 40years ago when you worked for CKGM-FM in Montreal (now CHOM-FM), with your colleagues Doug Pringle & Too Tall. Those were the best years at the station in my opinion. Keep up the good work you do, for all of us that enjoy good music. Phil (Phil Larin, 09/06/2011 20:06:04)

Maravillosa Gracias Did anyone ever tell you how well RI goes with a Barbque? We invite friends over for a summer cook out, put on RI and feel like we have gone on vacation. Great to see RI in the Jazz Fest programme, we hope the word gets out that there is access to quality music any time you want it. Laissez les bon temps rouler, thanks Angus Mackay! (Guest Rachel Irwin, 04/07/2011 06:09:24)

Fan for many years It's true! A VERY experienced specialist in all styles of music. It's in the soul and blood of the man. This podcast is you in your essence, McCrack. Thank you for it. Really like the ad. The yellow background jumps out and the typeface size moves the eye around well. It's a good thing that zydeco begins with the letter "z". big love (MaryAnn Harrison, 04/07/2011 06:54:29)

contest Hi Angus, saw the ad in the jazz fest program and happy to see you're doing some outreach.... more people need to know about RI - world beat's best kept secret...keep up the inspiring work!!! (Guest, 04/07/2011 10:30:37)

Contest Hi Angus, Thank you for this wonderful show. I do not miss an episode! Here's the answer. The advertisement for Rhytms International is at p. 155 of the free program on the bottom right of the page! Looking forward for you new show this upcoming Saturday! -Lisa Dixon (Lisa Dixon, 04/07/2011)

Mr Great show Angus, Thanks ! Whenever in France drop by ! (Serge Daenen, 22/10/2011)

Hi everyone present Good work. (Lototrotvop, 03/01/2012)

Excellente visite Votre site est très bien. Félicitations. (Invité, 19/02/2012)

Merci Merci. J'espère que l'on te reverra bientôt! (Invité, 29/03/2012)

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