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In the spring of 1986 Rob Braide (then General Manager of MIX96) threw caution to the wind and decided to broadcast a weekly world beat show called Rhythms International. He chose Daniel Feist to be the host.

A radio institution was born.

Every Sunday night for the next 19  years Daniel provided us with the best in global beats both classic and brand new. He interviewed local and international artists. Daniel tirelessly promoted world music concerts in Montreal and championed the careers of such diverse musicians as Youssou n' Dour, Johnny Clegg and David Rudder. His first love was African music and for 4 years he filed his show while living in  Jo'burg South Africa.

Fighting (and broadcasting) right to the bitter end, Daniel lost his battle with cancer on February 11, 2005.

Determined to keep the show on the air Rob appointed CIBL DJ and reggae authority Richard Lafrance as his successor.

After a moving and tearful tribute in Daniel's honor, I was asked to join Richard as co-host.

Every subsequent Sunday for the next 3 years Richard and I boomed our tunes through the empty hall of MIX96. It was the happiest time I've ever spent on the radio. We interviewed the famous and near famous, we broadcast live concerts from the studio, and we played music that we loved.

That all came crashing down with corporate budget restraints that forced Richard to leave. I carried on solo until some 6 months later Virgin took over MIX96. It was then decided that Rhythms would be cancelled.

I was confident another radio station would rush to put RI back on the air but the phone never rang.

In the spring of 2010 I decided to keep the flame alive by sending out the show via podcast. I've joined the cyber club and with the expertise of my faithful Louis the Techno-Maestro, now offers  the best world beat music you'll find anywhere.

Daniel would be proud.

The future of worl music :)

Angus Mackay

Amakosi/Peace & Love

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